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And then it happened. The irreversible has happened. The global “Bedämsung” is unstoppable!

While humanity threatened to sink into sadness and cultural monotony, now three extremely good-looking chosen ones have come from the planet Dämserus to bring all human children into happy pregnant ecstasy. The tool of choice for global attenuation is passionate audio amplification. Of course, this is not only music that evokes exquisite listening pleasure, but also inevitably leads to physical excitement. Raven, headbang or dance, shit on the wall: we call it #dämsen!

In the course of the next “Bedämsungs” phase, the third disk “DIE DÄMS MASCHINE” has now been published. With this release, the completion of the missionary mission is within reach.

Logo von Lucas Rauch's Band Dämse


Gail – E-Gituar

Maximus – Bass

Xei – Drums


The Berlin double bass player and professor at the HMT Leipzig Pepe Berns has been an integral part of the German jazz scene for 30 years and is now bringing a new trio to the stage with the talented newcomers Emmanuel Walter on the piano and Lucas Rauch on the drums.

Although the musicians belong to different generations, they agree with a lot of love and respect on a repertoire of works by well-known protagonists of jazz who were – or are – revolutionary in their time and yet always kept the musical tradition of different genres in mind or a tradition for them subsequent generations re-shaped it.
One aspect of the trio is to preserve some great compositions that are rarely performed today for the collective memory. Compositions by Keith Jarrett, Steve Swallow, Charlie Haden, Ornette Coleman and Branford Marsalis, as well as original compositions in a similar spirit, find their place. From all these influences, a unique sound is formed without losing each other, which only develops its facets in the stylistic range.

This exquisite band doesn’t just play pieces, they tell stories and take the audience into other worlds – atmospheric, energetic, virtuosic, dense and airy at the same time.


Pepe Berns – Bass

Emmanuel Walter – Piano

Lucas Rauch – Drums


The trio Krön/Müller/Rauch makes rhythmic music, sometimes dry, intricate and narrow, sometimes very wide, gentle, floating. Music that sometimes gets you moving, sometimes makes you close your eyes and dream.
The connecting link between these contrasting sound worlds are tangible and catchy melodies that are not afraid to sound like pop, that feel good without being clumsy.

From composed structures and with an always noticeable shared sense of form, sometimes one or all three musicians take initiatives for communicative improvisations. Slowly or suddenly, energetic lines and arcs are then redrawn and renegotiated, in order to always lead the listener back to the familiar with clear musical statements.


Fridolin Krön – Guitar

Florian Müller – Bass

Lucas Rauch – Drums

Cactus In A Garage

The cactus in the garage. What sounds like a still life in black and white turns out to be an excitingly colorful soul jazz experience. With the organ at the center of the band, the four young musicians bring their sound up to date with their own compositions. They swing, wallow and sweat their way through an energetic and groove-oriented performance that gets intellect and affect dancing in equal measure. They seek inspiration for their music from Larry Goldings, John Scofield and Joshua Redman, among others.

With a dangerous hip swing in their luggage, they now carry their sound from the garage full of old Cadillacs to the clubs of the world.


Lorenz Knauft – Saxophones/Flute

Joel Podolski – E-Gituar

Konrad Buschhüter – UHL X3 Organ

Lucas Rauch – Drums

Hollywood Startup

Hollywood Startup: What sounds like a start-up with international character is actually the band around the Leipzig saxophonist Judy Key. With four different musical backgrounds, the quartet does not impress with stereotypes of jazz and pop music, but rather convinces with high-life grooves, catchy melodies and energetic improvisations that leaves no one standing still. The symbiosis of dazzling blowers, driving synthesizers and electrifying guitar sounds, results in a signature sound that stays in the ear and provides the right atmosphere for the concert.


Judy – Alto Sax

Marco Hornauf – Electric Guitar

Lucas Rauch – Drums

Alexander Krause – Keys


Spherical, angular, weird: MAN THE OICA mixes indie rock with dreamy melodies. The indie rock trio around singer Masha bundles energy in shrill and confused songs, carried by the playful guitar sound of Flo Hasenfuss and the groovy and energetic drumming of Lucas Rauch. In doing so, they do not stick to the rock clichés of the 90s, but expand their soundscape with the help of loop pedals and experimental effects on voice and guitar. Sometimes sensitive harmonies, sometimes the outstretched elbow: MAN THE OICA explore limits and impress with their elegance in expression.

Man The Oica


Masha – Vocals, FX

Flo Hasenfuss – Electric Guitar, Loops

Lucas Rauch – Drums